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  • Mickey Blake's Southington is OPEN! Its not tea & biscuits, But we have coffee and donuts for anyone coming down... https://t.co/H2C0PxjJRZ
  • Connecticut, still colorful. Even on a gloomy day! #nofilter https://t.co/FcZbawCnr1
  • Yeah... these two guys are definitely on my Christmas card list!!! Thank you for the invite tonight guys. https://t.co/vQuuLHP6eD
  • So according to UPS the storms of last week have held up my deliveries for this week!!!!! Unfortunately our Alec... https://t.co/fD2pq9kgDs
  • When one of your boys reaches out to share something with you out of the blue... #priceless
  • Doing our own polling; how many of you out there either smoke a pipe or are interested in smoking one? https://t.co/zy0jN4O1LQ

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