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  • It's Hockey Day In America and those of you that know the exhilaration of lacing up a pair of skates and playing... https://t.co/KJJWJLJBII
  • After today, this is not only needed. It's required!!!! Thanks to my wife for the hook up. https://t.co/yjX9p5OZbn
  • Between now and Mar.17th. Stop into Mickey Blake's Cigars and buy any 4 Regius cigars for a chance to win this amaz… https://t.co/AgfTO7QPh9
  • Why have I not heard of this stuff?!? Sooooo good! https://t.co/RPi9n7TJd3
  • Thanks for the cigar Rick Rodz. Enjoyed it thoroughly! https://t.co/npQPjAU4y5
  • My day in Milford is done, but I'll be back tomorrow! Enjoy folks.

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