Welcome to CT's Largest Cigar Shop
& Smoking Lounge.

Mickey Blake’s opened its doors in 2011 with two objectives. To become a true, full service tobacconist, and provide the best smoking experience in the state. To accomplish that, we researched what differentiates the typical cigar shop, from a premiere tobacconist and lounge. What we discovered was, to create this type of experience we’d have to meet four important goals.

First, we had to provide a store that offered today’s most sought after premium hand rolled cigars, pipes and pipe tobaccos as well as accessories.

Second, we‘d have to provide a comfortable and spacious public lounge that in and of itself would set us apart.

Third, we would have to build the largest and most luxurious private members lounge in New England.

And finally, we would have to become as knowledgeable as possible about our products and services.

At that time, there weren’t any lounges of that scale in Connecticut. To find one you had to travel to New York, or Boston, or beyond. Therein lied the opportunity.

Today Mickey Blake’s has achieved those goals! In the short time since opening, we've established ourselves as the "destination" for cigar and pipe smokers in Connecticut. You'll appreciate the level of quality, service and comfort we provide, all while relaxing in our lounges. And check out what the magazines are saying...

"A unique 4600 sq ft store"  ( Cigar Snob Dec. 2012 )

"Beyond the doors lies a playground for lovers of the leaf" ( Cigar Aficionado Aug. 2013)

So whether your new to premium cigars and pipe tobaccos, or a seasoned aficionado. Drop by and see what everyone's talking about.

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